Day Trading - Trend Trading
Emini Futures or Forex (FX)

Computes the short and Long term Market Trend for E Mini Index Trading

Computes the short term Forex Market Trend for International Arbitrage Trading

Pattern Recognition - Combines Trend Trading and Swing Trading

Proprietary Pattern Recognition Technology

Analyzes the Emini Index Futures & Forex Market in Real Time

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Totally Free Trials.
We do not ask you for CC info or any other info for that matter, just download, install and start following the market.

See how the TrendCatch SP & TrendProphecy FX Pro has the potential for huge profits.
Most times - close to 100 % of the Trend Change Calls traders get opportunities to make a profit during the lifetime of the Trend. It sounds impossible and that's why we give you a free 7 days Trial where you can day trade on paper to check out how effective and trustworthy the calls, which the program makes are.
You will also get a feeling for how easy it is to trade the changing trends by following the Trend Change signals.
History going back several years can be downloaded for further analyzing.

Developed with signals for Day Trading used by both Scalp Traders and more Conservative Traders.


Welcome to TrendCatch.
The Ultimate Trend Trading programs for Futures and Currencies.

TrendCatch SP or TrendProphecy FX Pro are Stand Alone programs - using Server Data Push Technology, and does not require broker or quote service data feed.

If you are daytrader trading the SP 500 Index futures - use the TrendCatch SP Pro:
Trendcatch SP's strength is the ability to correctly compute entry trade signals and inform traders and investors when the short term market trend changes. The overall important issue, is that TrendCatch gives you informative real time strategies and alerts, when to enter the market - either long or short.

If you Day Trade Currency - we have developed TrendProphecy FX Pro :
Monitoring, Analyzing and Trading up to seven Currency pair's:

TrendCatch SP and TrendProphecy FX Pro requires investors to eliminate any preconceived biases or emotions.

The Timezone for TrendProphecy FX Pro is either the Computers Local Time (Default) or US Eastern time (New York). During Log On the wanted time zone has to be set,  Default is the Computers Local Time setting

The Timezone for TrendCatch SP is always US Eastern Time (New York)

Below see the TrendCatch SP User Interface.

1 point = $50 profit on each Emini Contract traded!

TrendProphecy Details

Beginning 12:15 am (est) and all throughout the trading day, TrendCatch SP computes the short term TREND for the S&P 500 E-mini (ES) futures contract. Two Audio and Visual alerts activate when: 1. TrendCatch SP is close to a change in the TREND - and - 2. When the TREND is confirmed The Live Price Display below, shows an active trading day.
Notice the six different Strategies - their Position, PricePaid and MaxProfit.


Trading Philosophy
The fundamental rule for the trader,
is to take profit if possible while the Trend is showing Stable..

The TrendCatch trend trading method developed especially for the professional Day trader differs from other systems, in that it computes a confirmed entry a confirmed entry signal using our proprietary algorithms - and then eventually during the Trend a warning (Alert) is shown if/when the Trend becomes unstable, which is not the same as a change of the Trend.


Our Programs for trading Emini Futures and FX for International Currency Spot Market.

TrendCatch SP for Emini Index Futures and TrendProphecy FX for trading Forex were developed to provide traders/investors with information on changing of the short and long-term trend, which has the potential to yield a higher return on investment than traditional Buy and Hold strategies.


Trade Management
An educated investor with knowledge of an instrument's trend will experience the most investment rewards.

Helping investors understand their long and short positions will help them to get the most out of a bull or a bear market. In this regard, being successful on every trade is not the most important thing. Rather, the concept of net profitability over the course of a series of trades is what yields the most success in Day -and Trend Trading.